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In what constellation might Alcyone, the soul of his soul and life of his life, live?

The sweet Alcyone asks to return to the Earth to accompany the great love of her past, Charles, in a new lifetime of trials, sacrifices, and reparations. In an example of profound devotion to her neighbor, she demonstrates her complete loyalty to assist the one for whom she has interceded so much on the spirit plane.

In this gripping historical novel, the spirit Emmanuel takes us back to the frivolous Paris of the 17th century, a city replete with violent sentiments and materialistic illusions that conflict with the eternal truths of the soul. By means of the psychography of Francisco Candido Xavier, the spirit author’s collaborator, we are introduced to another one of Emmanuel’s incarnations, this time as Father Damiano, vicar of St. Vincent’s Church in Avila, Spain, and the couple’s contemporary protagonist.